Each of us has a unique story, and the place where our stories overlap can be very creative and collaborative.

The story of Severn Vineyard initially started with one couple - Owen and Claire Lynch, who decided to move from Nottingham to start a new church in Bristol. So in 2009 they sold their home, left their jobs as Associate Pastors of another church in Nottingham (Trent Vineyard), and moved with their three children to Bristol.

Their hope was to gather a group of people who had a vision for their neighbourhood, workplace and city that was more than just what they could get out of it. They quickly gathered other people who shared that same vision and the church was started in October 2009.

Every year, more and more people have resonated with this vision and decided to give of their energy, resources and talents to the vision of Severn. As well as doing this collectively as a Church, individuals see their occupation and workplace as another way that they can contribute to the prospering of Bristol and beyond. Central to our church is the idea that every person has the potential and ability to contribute to the well-being of others in their neighbourhood and workplaces.

Over the first 9 years, the church has grown to over three hundred and fifty people who live in the urban areas of Bristol and Bath, and the villages and towns of Somerset, Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire.

But this is just a moment, a snapshot, a freeze-frame in the collective story of hundreds of people whose lives have connected in this way.

The story continues...