Ask a child to draw you a picture of a church and, inevitably, they will draw a building. But the origin of the word “church” in the Bible is the Greek word “Ekklesia”, which referred to the citizens of ancient Athens, who gathered to work together for the well-being of their city.

Severn Vineyard is a bit like that.  It is a gathering of people from all walks of life, who live and work in the Bristol area, who love and are inspired by Jesus Christ to live life to the full and bring life to their communities.

If that is something that intrigues or inspires you, you might like to get involved - and you would be so welcome! 

Owen & Claire Lynch – Lead Pastors

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The first thing that struck us when we first visited (after the warm welcome and brilliant pastries!) was the sheer diversity of people and backgrounds that make up Severn. It shows that Christ really is for anyone no matter who they are or what they’ve done.
The second thing is that Severn has energy and a real desire for God, which is visible in all aspects of the church.
If you want to meet other Christians from all walks of life, and if you want to be inspired to follow God with all your heart, Severn is the church for you
— Jonny