The Bible describes two vocations for humanity – the stewardship of the world in which we live, and the redemption of what is lost and broken in our own lives and wider society.

But this is not the whole story; the Bible paints an amazing picture of a partnership between God and humanity, to both steward and redeem. Not in any way an equal partnership, but one in which humanity has the privilege of working hand in hand with God.

This is the purpose of Severn – to work hand in hand with God to contribute to the spiritual, social and cultural well-being of our city and region. Limitless in its expression, this purpose can be fulfilled in the smallest details of our daily lives and in the broadest terms that large groups of people can collectively achieve.


Our highest priority is to respond to what we see God doing in our community and give it some human shape and organisation. 

Recognising that every action and thought has the ability to honour or dishonour our God-given humanity, we prioritise God's place in our individual and collective stories. Believing that every person has the power and purpose to contribute to the well-being of other people, we celebrate and encourage the God-given potential that every person possesses.