Baptism at Severn

At Severn, we believe in outward signs marking an inward reality. One of those signs is baptism which is a public declaration of a heart decision to enter a relationship with Jesus, and therefore starting life anew with Him. It’s a cause for great celebration!


Baptisms take place in a baptism pool, outside in the courtyard area of The Station. We love to celebrate with those marking this moment in their lives and we invite the whole church to join us outside to watch. It’s always a happy and joyous celebration!


What baptism is . . . .

Jesus commanded us to be baptised, which is a good enough reason to do it!

But if you want to know more of the background of what baptism is, then read on . . .

Death, buried with Christ,

Raised to new life with Him and into the body of believers

We invite those new believers to attend a few sessions in the weeks before their baptism to be reminded of what it’s about and why it’s an important thing to do.

If you would like to be baptised or find out more, please contact Mal Calladine.