We are a growing church, but that doesn’t mean you will be lost in the crowd. One of the most beautiful things that the church has to offer society, especially in this day and age, where people are living extremely busy lives and often connecting online, is a real sense of authentic community.

Community that commits to seeing one another face-to-face on a regular basis, in order to create a safe place to walk through the ups and downs of life together. Community that intentionally gathers together, in order to learn about and follow the ways of Jesus. Community that connects people, who would not naturally come together if it wasn't for the influence of Jesus on their lives. 

As a newcomer to Bristol, my community group has been key to my sense of community and belonging at Severn
— Polly

At Severn, we are committed to trying to foster this type of community, in different ways and different forms, recognising that one size doesn't fit all, but that real community is something all of us need.

Our Community Groups meet weekly or fortnightly across the city, and are a great way to meet people, make friends, get closer to God and make a difference in your local community. We have several different types of Community Group here at Severn which you can find out more about below:

If we can do anything to help you get connected into a community group, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Dan Green, Community Groups Pastor or Liz Nixon, Community Groups Assistant.

Open-House groups

Open House Groups are exactly that – people opening their home for small groups of people to come together every week or every fortnight. They are how we stay small as our church gets bigger. They’re a place to make friends, to share life, to eat, pray, worship, and serve our city together. Each Open House will be different – perhaps try one out in your local area, but then do feel free to try out as many as you like and see which one suits you!

Comunity group.jpg

Course groups

Course groups are an opportunity to spend a term looking at a particular subject, run by a specialist in that area. They are a great way to learn and grow, as well as to get to know others on the course.

Activity groups

Our termly Activity Groups are a great way to share a common hobby or interest with a group of like-minded people, once a week or once a fortnight.


Our networks help people connect with others who are at a similar age and stage in life, or who share a common interest.

How to sign up

You can sign up for any of our community groups through our website and you can join any of the Open House groups at any point, as they run all-year-round apart from short breaks over Christmas, Easter and during August. Contact for more information.

The map below may be helpful in finding the Community Group closest to you: 

Being in a community group, where everyone tries their best to come every week is brilliant because I love getting to know people and then having the continuity of that meaningful relationship because we see each other week in, week out. Everyone in our group is so different and that’s brilliant because we’ve really come to enjoy those differences and enjoy spending time together chatting, cooking, eating, cleaning up, drinking tea, singing, praying and studying the Bible together. It can be a real commitment to give up an evening a week but the friendships and the time with Jesus are so worth it!
— Karen