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'Saying Yes to the Holy Spirit - The House of God' by Owen Lynch - October 13 2019

What does it mean to say "Yes" to the Holy Spirit? In this talk, Owen Lynch describes how Severn Vineyard was started with this kind of response. God dwells with people personally and collectively, and God is present and active in the world more than we can perceive with our senses. We may be unaware of the heavenly activity around us, but Jesus gives us the ability to join in with it as his Spirit lives in us. How could this change our communities and city?

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'The Story About Service' by Owen Lynch - September 22nd 2019

How much do you feel like a servant, and would you like to be one? In this talk, Owen Lynch shares what Jesus told his followers about what to expect as servants. This might not sound like what we aspire to be, but what if our desire to serve grows as our love for people grows? Could Jesus' love and service for us help us to follow as God fills us increasingly with the ability to love?

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