At Severn Vineyard, we love to pray! And we would love prayer to become a natural response to every situation in which we find ourselves, to change us as we speak with and listen to our Heavenly Father. 

Prayer is a way of us all pulling together in the same direction, seeing breakthrough in the lives of our friends, our neighbours, in our places of work and right across our our city.  In prayer we get to partner with Jesus in advancing His kingdom and ‘making all things new’!

Many of us pray in lots of different ways and at lots of different times, but as a community on a journey together, we would like to invite you into a season of intentionally focusing our prayers together, in one direction, to see God’s kingdom come and the breakthrough we so long for in our lives and in those of the people around us. 

We have a rhythm of prayer and worship on Mondays, 9.30 -10.00am at the Powerhouse before our staff meeting. We’d love it if you joined us regularly or on a more spontaneous basis.

We also meet on Sundays at 9am in the stairwell behind the PA desk, to listen to God and pray for the services. Again, you’d be so welcome to join with us!

You may often have heard us liken our journey as Severn to being on a raft travelling through some rapids, with the twists and turns, thrills and spills!  Every person on that raft can make a difference to the journey, choosing to pray, is one way of picking up your oar and doing just that.

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Immanuel Prayer Training

Please note-  we apologise that this training is only available to Leaders and those on the Pastoral Support Team.  However, we intend to run this training again at a later stage when we will be delighted to open it wider!

The Immanuel Prayer Approach helps us connect to God in a very tangible way and removes the barriers that keep us from enjoying a close relationship with Him. It is founded on the promise that God is “Immanuel” (God with us), but we are not always aware of that every moment of our life.  This approach is being used worldwide, to deepen intimacy with God and discern his ongoing guidance.  Whilst the healing of past pain is often an associated benefit, the primary objective is to remove blockages that prevent us connecting more intimately with Jesus.

For more information on this approach, visit  or

This training enables us to lead others through this approach, to experience Jesus more deeply in whatever situation they are in.  We hope to be able to offer Immanuel Prayer sessions at Severn, for people to book into, and we would be delighted if you would like to use this training in order to become a facilitator of Immanuel Prayer Sessions for others.

However, you may like to learn these skills to use when praying with people in your community group, on a Sunday morning or simply for your own walk with Jesus.   Either way, this training is part of one of our emphases this year, to bring health to our souls and we would be delighted if you would attend this training for whatever purpose suits you.

The training is free, however we would ask that you commit to both parts of the training in June and September.  There are a limited number of spaces, which we are offering to leaders or Pastoral Support Team at Severn first.  If you would like a place on this training, you can book by clicking here.  

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Prayer for me is about staying connected to Jesus, in whatever form that may takes
— Mal