At Severn Vineyard, we love to pray! And we would love prayer to become a natural response to every situation in which we find ourselves, to change us as we speak with and listen to our Heavenly Father. 

Prayer is a way of us all pulling together in the same direction, seeing breakthrough in the lives of our friends, our neighbours, in our places of work and right across our our city.  In prayer we get to partner with Jesus in advancing His kingdom and ‘making all things new’!

Many of us pray in lots of different ways and at lots of different times, but as a community on a journey together, we would like to invite you into a season of intentionally focusing our prayers together, in one direction, to see God’s kingdom come and the breakthrough we so long for in our lives and in those of the people around us. 

We have a rhythm of prayer and worship on Mondays, 9.30 -10.00am at the Powerhouse before our staff meeting. We’d love it if you joined us regularly or on a more spontaneous basis.

We also meet on Sundays at 9am in the stairwell behind the PA desk, to listen to God and pray for the services. Again, you’d be so welcome to join with us!

Our next prayer and worship event Essence is Sunday 24th March. To find out more, go to our Worship at Severn page.

You may often have heard us liken our journey as Severn to being on a raft travelling through some rapids, with the twists and turns, thrills and spills!  Every person on that raft can make a difference to the journey, choosing to pray, is one way of picking up your oar and doing just that.

If you would like any more information, please email

Prayer for me is about staying connected to Jesus, in whatever form that may takes
— Mal