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Vineyard Kids

Vineyard Kids is our children’s church for those aged 0-11 years. 

At Severn, we believe that children are a vital part of our church family and therefore, we want them to be actively involved in worship, reading the Bible, prayer, serving, giving and sharing God’s heart for others. 

Vineyard Kids is a fun and exciting place, both for the children and the team! Our Vineyard Kids team run children’s groups at our 9.30am Sunday morning service. These are high quality, fun and interactive sessions, which help the children get to know Jesus better and explore the amazing things He invites us to do. 

If you and your family are looking for a church, then we would love you to come along and join us on a Sunday morning - you can sign your kids in from 9.15am and we’ll do our utmost to ensure your child has a great time! If they have a problem settling though, one of the team leaders will come and let you know.

We currently have three age groups:

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Fruit Shoots: 6 months to 3 years old

Fruitshoots is the first group your child can join, from as young as 6 months. This is definitely not a creche! Even though still very young, the children read Bible stories, learn to pray, play games, make craft and have a fun morning. The Fruitshoots room is also an ideal room for breastfeeding mums to take their baby and observe the fun!

I love knowing that, at Fruitshoots, Phoebe is with a team who care for her, pray with and for her, and encourage her in her first steps of faith
— Liz, Mum to Phoebe, aged 1 1/2
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Acorns: Preschool, 3 years old - Reception

Acorns is the second group within Vineyard Kids. The children are encouraged to share their prayers and pray with each other, listen to a Bible story each week and make good friends with the others in the group by playing together, looking out for one another and getting stuck in!

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I love playing with my Acorns friends!
— Benaiah, age 3 1/2

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The Hive: School Years 1 - 6

The Hive is our final group within Vineyard Kids. It’s a great place to continue getting to know Jesus through a variety of things including stories, craft, drama and games. We include time for praying for each other and the things going on in their lives as well as encouraging them to pray for family and school friends, asking God for healing, faith and prophetic words.

I really enjoy serving on The Hive team every month. It’s such a blessing to be helping and mentoring the future generation in their walk with Jesus. Being in The Hive encourages my faith by seeing the kids grow into all that God wants them to be.
— Allyn
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You are so welcome to join us with your children during the second service at 11.15, where we can provide your children with age-related activity packs to play with whilst you enjoy the service. Simply collect a “Busy Bag” from a member of the Welcome Team!

Vineyard Kids is led and managed by Lis Lung.
Contact Lis Lung for more information. 

Our children have been taking a greater ownership over their faith and many have spoken about what knowing Jesus means to them. Our hope is that our vision “to excite, equip and transform” would continue to be fulfilled in the lives of our kids in a way that reveals Jesus to their friends and family
— Lis Lung, Vineyard Kids' Pastor